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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Usually we have thanksgiving at our house, but for the first time in 11 years, we decided to travel down to south Florida and have it at my parents house.

Below is my cousin, N, holding Jitter Bug...

It seems the kid's table is growing!!! I love this picture below because my sister is making a funny face. She hasn't even started drinking yet!!!

Doodle Bug didn't waste time, he dug right in and started eating!

Mommy and Jitter Bug.

They say Turkey makes you sleepy, not tonight!! After we ate dinner, we all went into the family room and broke out Dancy Party 3!! Talk about entertaining!!!!

Doodle Bug turned "Pumpkin Mickey" upside down and played drums while we danced!! He actually kept a good beat for us!!

Grandma was making some interesting faces while she danced!!!

Big Red and Jitter Bug

Just Chillin'

Our Cutie-Pa-Tutie turned 7 months old in November!!!

Don't be fooled by the cute grin, she has a devilish side too! Just kidding, I forgot to fix her red eyes!!

Oh, I'm almost forgot, at the beginning of November, we all went on the Disney Cruise. This was Doodle and Jitter Bug's first cruise. These two have been as far north as Niagara Falls (September, 2011) and as far south as the Bahamas (November, 2011) in 2 months. They sure are getting some use out of those Passports!!

Doodles LOVED seeing all of the characters on the boat!! One night was the "Pirate" themed night. Everyone is encouraged to dress as a pirate for dinner. Since Doodles was a pirate for Halloween, this was perfect for him. As you can see below, he ADORES "pirate Mickey"...

...Captain Hook, not so much!!! I had to bribe him to get his picture taken with C.H.!!!

The cruise had an AWESOME play area set up for kids. One of the rooms was designed to look like Andy's room from the Toy Story. Doodles was hared at work building Mr. Potato head.

We did manage to fit in a little relaxation by the pool. Here's Mamma and her little Diva!

Ahhh, the beautiful sunrise from our balcony!!

And that pretty much wraps up November!!!