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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why are weekends so short?

Well, for two people who thought they never wanted to have a baby, look at our house now. We got rid of the decorative rug and replaced it with colorful foam tiles! Doodlebug crawls around so much these days, we had to put something soft to cover up the hardwood. Now we just need a fence to keep him contained to the foam. He likes to wonder into the kitchen and dining room searching for "TROUBLE"!

Besides redecorating the living room this weekend, we also made baby food! Hubby was a big help!! We pureed apples, pears, and avocados. (the avocados are for my guacamole...maybe I'll share ;o)

Wow!!! There's actually a picture of me!!!!

We didn't want anything to go to waste, so we made a snack for us with the apple peels!! Mmmmmmm!!

Here is a video of Doodlebug crawling. It's not of good quality because it was taken using my phone. In the video, it looks like the cow smacks him in the noggin, but don't worry... he's just fine!

Now, I'm off to go puree some peas, green beans, and carrots!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Navy Coupons

Am I the last to hear about this???? Old Navy gives away really good coupons that you print from your computer, then go shopping. For example, yesterday they gave out coupons for $75 off if you spend $100. They're a limited supply only. Here's the catch. You have to go to the following website: then take your cursor and move it around until the arrow turns into a hand. Click and find all the hidden coupons. I've been checking the site often and it seems that they change them on Thursdays. Right now the only coupon left is $5 off a purchase of $25. It's hidden behind the cotton candy. You have to keep clicking on the cotton candy until it's all eaten, then the coupon appears. Happy Hunting!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eight Months Old Today!!!!

Doodlebug is going to "hate" the 22nd day of every month because his Mom makes him pose for silly pictures. I can't believe I've been a Mom for 8 months already. Time flies when you're having fun!!! I love spending time with him and helping him learn all of his new "tricks"!!!!! His latest is to pretend to cry, then when you go over to him and say, "Doodles, what's wrong?" he chuckles and gets the most "devil-ish" grin I've ever seen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jam-packed weekend!!!

What a fun weekend!! It started on Saturday when we celebrated my friend T's 30th Birthday. We all went to a very "girly" fitness studio called, Vixen Fitness. There we learned how to Pole Dance. It is a total body workout!!! I have a new found respect for "dancers" ;o) Don't worry Dad, this will not become my new job!

On Sunday, we drove down to Vero Beach for my cousin's baby's Baptism. Of coursed, Doodlebug quickly realized that this was a baptism and that he needed to make lots of noise:o) Luckily, Grandpa found a toy for him to play with and quiet down. The Baptism was nice and Doodlebug got to meet his second cousin, G. Here are a few pictures.

Oh yeah! While at my Uncle's house in Vero, Doodlebug got his first Motorcycle lesson. This is how it went, "Mommy says Motorcycles are BAD. You don't ever want to ride or own one of these!!"

And now for the EXCITING NEWS!!!!! Doodlebug woke up this morning with a new surprise for Mommy and Daddy!!! His two bottom teeth have popped through!!! I've spent all morning trying to get a picture of them, but he won't let me. So keep checking back often, as soon as I get a snap shot of the "toofers", I'll post them up here!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

All that glitters is gold!

So, back in the day (I'm talking Middle and Early High school years) I used to wear a lot of yellow gold jewelry. I had dolphins, hearts, and flower charms. I had a bracelet made of X's and O's. I had a ring and matching necklace that was a flower and, get this, it was made out of yellow, white, AND rose gold. I know, you're jealous. Until just a few hours ago, all that gold jewelry sat in my jewelry box collecting dust. Well, one of my friends was having a Gold Party tonight where you stop by and bring your old gold and they give you cash on the spot. Guess how much I made? Go ahead guess!!!

I walked away with $450.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Fun times

Yesterday was M's birthday so we all went to Amura's for dinner. Doodlebug started to get a little fussy because it was past his bedtime, but once the chef came out to cook, he was fascinated by the first twirl of the spatula. He couldn't take his eyes away from the action!

We didn't get home until 10:00pm and Doodles didn't get to bed until 10:45pm. Since his schedule was thrown off, he didn't sleep well. He awoke at 1:00am and didn't got back to bed until 7:00am. I think it was a combination of teething and late bedtime that caused the poor sleep last night...hopefully we don't have a repeat tonight!

Earlier today, we stopped by a friend's house for the babies to get together and play. I can't believe how fast the kiddos are growing. Just a couple of months ago, our playdates consisted of the babies sitting in their carseats while the Moms talked. Now, all three of the babies were on the floor rolling around and having a good time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Doodlebug's First Easter!!!

Doodlebug first started receiving Easter gifts on Thursday when he was visiting Grandpa and Mum Mum. They bought him his first car!

He loves it...I wonder where he gets that from!?!

Well, we just had a weekend packed with exciting Easter festivities! We started off with dyeing Easter eggs on Saturday. Doodlebug wanted to eat the eggs rather than dye them. So my Mom and I took over. Here are the finished eggs!

At our house, the Easter Bunny hides the Easter basket. The next morning, Doodlebug and Daddy hunted for the Easter basket.

They searched low...

...and they searched high...

...until they finally found the Easter basket that was hidden behind the dining room table!

Inside, Doodlebug found toys, teethers, and a new bathtub! He liked taking a bath before, but now he loves it! When his toes started looking like shriveled prunes, it was time to get out. Of course, he threw a hissy fit!

Later that day, Grandma Collins came over and gave Doodles another Easter Basket. Doodles LOVED opening this gift. You can see by the look on his face!

There's still more!!!!

The Great Grandparents gave Doodles cute little T-shirts, socks, dreamcatchers...

Afterwards, we had a delicous dinner followed by dessert. Here is a picture of our bunny cake!

Doodles is one LOVED and SPOILED little boy!!!! I want to say "Thank you" to everyone for joining us this weekend and making this a special day for all! I had tons of fun. A special "Thank You" goes to my hubby who is crazy wonderful for helping me out and allowing me to invite the entire family over for EVERY single Holiday. He is a fabulous cook, a wonderful entertainer, and the love of my life. Thanks babe!

PS~Did you know that if you want to view any of these pictures in a larger format, all you have to do is click on the picture. If you like the picture, you can even save it to your own computer. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


After taking Doodlebug to see the Easter Bunny yesterday, we came home, ate lunch, and Doodles went down for a long nap. He was falling asleep while I was feeding him his lunch. Anyways, I started working on my mountain of ironing! I hate ironing and usually leave it until Hubby starts dropping hints that he hasn't any shirts to wear because they are all wrinkly. (Side note--when a men's dress shirt claims that you can wash it, dry it, and wear it without LIES!) So I'm knocking it out rather quickly when I hear the doorbell ring several times and the dogs start barking. I'm a little perturbed by the excessive amount of rings, because Doodles is still sleeping and this is my "precious" time to get things done around the house. As I'm walking to the door I'm preparing my speech to give this solicitor a piece of my mind, when suddenly I see it's a Police Officer. My heart starts to beat a little faster and my hands are starting to shake because in my mind I'm thinking something terrible has happened. I open the door and blurt out, "Is everything alright?" She smiles and says, "Yes". She's holding a Garmin Navigation and asks if this belongs to me. I tell her that it might be ours because we had our car broken into a couple of weeks ago and we had our navigation, Ipod, and Radar detector stolen. She said that since we hadn't filled out a police report that we couldn't have our stolen items back. So I filled one out while she was here and now we get to go down to the OCSO evidence room to retrieve our belongings. Yippee!! The officer said that it was two young kids (one was 18 and the other was younger) who had about 50 navigations, 100-150 Ipods, 10 laptops, about 50 cameras, and some other miscellaneous items. Luckily, we had programmed our home address into our Navi and that's how she found us. So what is the moral of this story? There are a couple: 1. Don't steal because you always get caught...eventually. 2. Program your address into your Navi. 3. Even though you find it to be a big hassle, always file a report with the police, because sometimes there is justice afterall!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Well, we went to the mall today to have Little Doodlebug's picture taken with the Easter Bunny. The line wasn't too bad, maybe a 30 minute wait. Of course, Doodles spit up all over his cute outfit. Luckily, I was able to clean it off pretty well and it didn't show up in the picture! The photographer got off 2 shots before he started crying.

Here you will see Doodlebug playing with his new favorite toy! Why did I put him next to the door stopper you ask? Well, I didn't I placed him 3 feet away from the door, but Doodles is now an accomplished "scooter"! He does an army crawl to get where ever he times, here we come!

Yesterday, Hubby was watching Doodles play. Doodlebug scooted his way off of the squishy mats that we have layed down, across the family room, and made it all the way to our dog, Philly. Doodles reaches out and grabs Philly's paw. Philly pulls it out of Doodles grasp. So, Doodles reaches for the tendon on Philly's back paw and pinches it! Philly jumped up, turned to look at Doodles and doesn't bark, but makes a moan that really sounded like "don't do that again".