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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jam-packed weekend!!!

What a fun weekend!! It started on Saturday when we celebrated my friend T's 30th Birthday. We all went to a very "girly" fitness studio called, Vixen Fitness. There we learned how to Pole Dance. It is a total body workout!!! I have a new found respect for "dancers" ;o) Don't worry Dad, this will not become my new job!

On Sunday, we drove down to Vero Beach for my cousin's baby's Baptism. Of coursed, Doodlebug quickly realized that this was a baptism and that he needed to make lots of noise:o) Luckily, Grandpa found a toy for him to play with and quiet down. The Baptism was nice and Doodlebug got to meet his second cousin, G. Here are a few pictures.

Oh yeah! While at my Uncle's house in Vero, Doodlebug got his first Motorcycle lesson. This is how it went, "Mommy says Motorcycles are BAD. You don't ever want to ride or own one of these!!"

And now for the EXCITING NEWS!!!!! Doodlebug woke up this morning with a new surprise for Mommy and Daddy!!! His two bottom teeth have popped through!!! I've spent all morning trying to get a picture of them, but he won't let me. So keep checking back often, as soon as I get a snap shot of the "toofers", I'll post them up here!!


  1. Congrats on the teeth!!! And I totally agree with the motorcycle lesson!

  2. Yeah for all the teeth!!! I bet that is why he was noisy!!