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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doodle Bug turns 2!!!!

Our Precious little Doodle Bug turns 2!!! Where has the time gone??? The theme of his birthday was Sponge Bob. He loves the Sponge Bob balloon! He also liked carrying S.B. around on his shoulders!

We had a very small party this year. We figured we had the "extravaganza" last year with over 60 people in attendance. This year we kept it to just Doodle Bug's Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Great Granny, and my cousin. I think there were only 12 people.

But, don't worry! He did NOT lack in the present department!!! My parents bought Doodles his very own bounce house, that Mom and Dad get to blow-up, clean, take-down, roll-up and do it all over again :o( Doodles LOVES it!

Great Granny gave Doodle Bug a big fire truck!

My cousin, J, gave Doodles a ton of "Noisy" cars! Thanks, J!! I'll remember that when you have kids!!!!

Doodle Bug is handy with his very own drill and tool set!

After opening presents, it was time to go outside for the big reveal. Have you ever seen "My Sweet Sixteen" on MTV. You know how they go outside and their parents present them with their brand new car! Well, Doodles received his first Ford truck! Look at the expression on his face in the picture. You wouldn't believe he was kicking, screaming, and crying as we pried him away from his new toys and led him outside for one more...

Hubby's mom bought Doodle's his first ride (hopefully she buys him the real one when he's sixteen :o))

The happy family...

We tried to get Doodle Bug to blow out his candles.

He ate his cake so perfectly this year. He didn't make a mess or get it anywhere! Far cry from last year.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boys never grow up...

So, Hubby comes home from work with a new toy for Doodle Bug. (I think it is really for Hubby:) It's a real rocket that blasts off into the sky!! Every night this week, Hubby and Doodles have gone out to the field in front of our neighborhood and shot off rockets.

Doodle Bug loves watching Daddy launch the rocket, but he stands far back because it's still a little scary for him.

Where did it go Mom? Needless to say, we lost the first rocket!!!

So the next evening, we tried it again. This time Hubby tested the wind direction and lined the rocket up perfectly so that it would land near the launch pad.

5...4...3...2...1 Blast Off!!!!!

This is a really cool picture! Doodle Bug got up the courage to go stand with Daddy and launch the rocket! DB is very helpful, his job is to go find the rocket for us.

High 5, Dad! We did it!

As if the Rockets were not enough fun, Daddy also bought a remote controlled air plane! Doodles is obsessed with planes right now, so he loved this!

Look at the intense concentration on both of their faces :o)

Hubby is pretty good at maneuvering the plane!

Doodle Bug is so blessed to have such an awesome Dad who plans such fun-filled evenings for our family! I love watching the two of them "hang out" together and bond. Life just doesn't get any better than this!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yay!! The Monkeys are back!

The host that created my background was having some sort of glitch with the previous monkey background that I was using. Now I've got a new monkey background :o) Yay!!!!!!

Also, I've recently received some good news! Some of you may be wondering why Doodle Bug is going to Star Child. Well... I've been offered a full time teaching position for Florida Virtual School. I'm teaching a 9th grade science class and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I get to work from home, I have NO behavior problems, and NO more making my own lesson plans!!!! This truly is the best job ever! It is so cool to teach in my "virtual" classroom. My students can hear me and see what I'm writing on the whiteboard by logging in on their home computer. By the touch of a button they can see me too. So far, I haven't been dressed professionally enough to push that button:o) Ha! I may never push that button!

Doodle Bug loves school and is so excited when we pick him up at the end of the day. He has picked up a few new words this week too!!! He has added: See ya, ball, car, truck, piggies, Sponge Bob, and t-shirt. He also found his appetite. He's been eating way more food than usual. I hope he keeps this up, because I was getting worried about his low weight and limited vocabulary. I think this is good for both of us. I'm learning to cope with my separation anxiety and he's learning all sorts of new things!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Doodle Bug's First Day of School!

Well, I went back to work full time on August 2 and it was just not possible for me to be an effective teacher and take care of Doodle Bug at the same time. So he had to go to day care :o( Hubby and I found a great place that is very structured! Which as a teacher, I love!!! His "school" day begins at 9:00am and he has subjects that he learns. They are only about 15 minutes long since his age group has a short attention span. He has reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, P.E., music, spanish, phonics, lunch, recess, and nap time.

Here he is eating his breakfast before he goes to school.

Now he's being silly! I hope he doesn't eat like this at school!

Dad and Doodle Bug heading into his classroom. I'm so proud of my little Doodle Bug! He walked into his classroom and didn't look back. He was off playing with all the toys and making friends. I off course cried and told myself he will be okay!

When I picked him up at the end of the day, the teacher said that he was well-behaved and respectful and followed all of the rules. Which made me laugh because as a teacher I always told all the parents that very same thing so that I could start off the year by giving positive comments to all parents before I had to tell them the real behaviors I was seeing in class!!!

On DB's second day, he received a smiley face stamp on his hand which he thought was just the COOLEST thing ever!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We spent the last few days visiting Hubby's Father's side of the family in Indiana. We spent alot of time at Aunt Cheryl's house, AKA party house! Here is a slide show of all the fun we had!

On Saturday, we took Doodle Bug's Grandpa and Uncle downtown. While we were there, we found some bikes for all of us to ride. We had some much fun! Once Uncle C took over driving, it was a little scary. There were a few times that we thought we would end up in the canal!

We also walked around downtown Indiana. Here is a photo tour of our outing!