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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boys never grow up...

So, Hubby comes home from work with a new toy for Doodle Bug. (I think it is really for Hubby:) It's a real rocket that blasts off into the sky!! Every night this week, Hubby and Doodles have gone out to the field in front of our neighborhood and shot off rockets.

Doodle Bug loves watching Daddy launch the rocket, but he stands far back because it's still a little scary for him.

Where did it go Mom? Needless to say, we lost the first rocket!!!

So the next evening, we tried it again. This time Hubby tested the wind direction and lined the rocket up perfectly so that it would land near the launch pad.

5...4...3...2...1 Blast Off!!!!!

This is a really cool picture! Doodle Bug got up the courage to go stand with Daddy and launch the rocket! DB is very helpful, his job is to go find the rocket for us.

High 5, Dad! We did it!

As if the Rockets were not enough fun, Daddy also bought a remote controlled air plane! Doodles is obsessed with planes right now, so he loved this!

Look at the intense concentration on both of their faces :o)

Hubby is pretty good at maneuvering the plane!

Doodle Bug is so blessed to have such an awesome Dad who plans such fun-filled evenings for our family! I love watching the two of them "hang out" together and bond. Life just doesn't get any better than this!

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  1. UMMMMM does your husband talk to my husband???? He just bought a rocket like yours about a month ago!!!! Maybe they should get together and shoot rockets off :) However, I'm not telling him about the plane!!!!!!!!!