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Monday, August 9, 2010

Doodle Bug's First Day of School!

Well, I went back to work full time on August 2 and it was just not possible for me to be an effective teacher and take care of Doodle Bug at the same time. So he had to go to day care :o( Hubby and I found a great place that is very structured! Which as a teacher, I love!!! His "school" day begins at 9:00am and he has subjects that he learns. They are only about 15 minutes long since his age group has a short attention span. He has reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, P.E., music, spanish, phonics, lunch, recess, and nap time.

Here he is eating his breakfast before he goes to school.

Now he's being silly! I hope he doesn't eat like this at school!

Dad and Doodle Bug heading into his classroom. I'm so proud of my little Doodle Bug! He walked into his classroom and didn't look back. He was off playing with all the toys and making friends. I off course cried and told myself he will be okay!

When I picked him up at the end of the day, the teacher said that he was well-behaved and respectful and followed all of the rules. Which made me laugh because as a teacher I always told all the parents that very same thing so that I could start off the year by giving positive comments to all parents before I had to tell them the real behaviors I was seeing in class!!!

On DB's second day, he received a smiley face stamp on his hand which he thought was just the COOLEST thing ever!


  1. Aww He did good ;0) Such a big boy!!! I didn't know you went full time.

  2. What fun! I especially love how he eats breakfast....that made me laugh. Kristian will be starting at the new day care this Monday and I'm so nervous! I'm wondering how he'll do without his sister there to lead the way. Guess we'll see...
    DB IS a well mannered and well behaved boy, so of course those are the comments you'll hear, silly mama!