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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Daddy took Friday off from work to have a 4 day weekend with the family. So we took Doodle Bug to the Splash Pad for some fun in the sun...and water!

Did I mention he loves water!!!

After a while, Daddy and Doodles had to take a break from all the fun!
Uncle C's birthday is just around the corner, so we had the family over to our house on Sunday to have dinner, cake and presents. It was a surprise party for Uncle C and we told him we needed his help to move the hot tub. What a GREAT brother-in-law he is to actually come to our house to move a hot tub (hubby's ideas). Needless to say, I'm sure he was thrilled that it was a surprise party and not a "back breaking, hernia inducing hot tub move". Actually, last time we asked for his help in moving the 400 lb gun safe, he ended up with a hernia! So I'm pretty surprised that he would agree to help us move anything ;o)
Well, the house needed to be straightened up before company came over. This is why I got married and had a child. Hubby does the dusting up high, and Doodles swiffers the floor!
If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see one of Hubby's high school friends in the center. We just happened to have Imagination Movers on the T.V. and there he was...
Awwww, Uncle C turns 4... I mean 24!!! He asked for a Spider man cake and his girlfriend got it for him.

Doodles LOVES cake! He was practicing for his 2nd birthday!

He looks good with a chocolate moustache and goatee!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Disney and Hair cut!!!

Sunday, we went to the Magic Kingdom with Grandma. Surprisingly, the park was not crowded at all.  Our first stop was the Disney Barber Shop.  Doodle Bug has had his haircut before, but usually by his Daddy.  This is his first "professional' hair cut.  It was Dad's idea for the full headed Mohawk!  He sat very still during the cut and played with Buzz Lightyear.
Wow Dad!  I look COOL! I love my new haircut!

I've been wanting a picture in front of the Castle for a while.  Finally, we got it!

Woohoo!  Doodle Bug was finally tall enough to ride the cars at Disney.  We've tried to get him on this ride twice before, but he was 3/4 of an inch too short!  Not this time.  He LOVED this ride!  I think it might just be his favorite ride ever!
It was a bright, sunny, and hot day!!  Doodle's wanted a pair of sunglasses, so we found the smallest pair and he stuck them right on and rocked his new look!
Grandma and Doodle Bug were trying to shoot all the bad guys on the Buzz Lightyear ride (above).  They both look really into it!  Last time Doodles was afraid of Buzz (below), this time, he couldn't wait to see him!  He loved pushing Buzz's buttons!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toddler Bed...

Well, yesterday I had to thank God for allowing me to be at the right place at the right time. Doodle Bug picked yesterday after his nap to try and climb out of his crib and nearly fall to the ground head first. After a near heart attack, I decided we needed to change his crib to the toddler version immediately so that we avoid any future close calls!
Hubby was less than thrilled to do this, but it only took 10 minutes from start to finish. I was the one to put Doodle Bug to bed and I was ready for lots of roaming around the bedroom with this new found freedom. To my surprise, when his head hit the bed, he went to sleep!
Around 11:00 pm, just as I was dozing off, I hear a thump, thump followed by some crying. Doodles had fallen out of his toddler bed! Don't worry, he wasn't hurt at all! You see, he is a "tosser and a turner" when he sleeps. He utilizes every square inch of his bed. Well, on a toddler bed, there is a rail with a small opening so that he can get out. Even though I laid him down so that he was NOT near the opening, by 11:00, he had made his way down there and toppled out. I picked him up and put him back in bed and patted his back for a few minutes. He fell fast asleep and didn't wake up till 7:00am. When he woke, he sat at the edge of his bed and waited till Dad and I came in. He's growing up way too fast!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! It started with presents from my little Doodle Bug!

I loved the card from DB. Daddy helped him write "Mommy" on the envelope and sign his name inside. It was so cute!

There is this watch that I've had my eye on for about a year now. It's expensive, so I would NEVER let hubby buy it for me. It's a fashion watch and will go out of style in a year or less, so there's no sense in spending all that money. That said, hubby and Doodles found the same watch made by Fossil for a fraction of the price. So that's what I got! I love it! Thank you to the two most wonderful guys! I love you both very much!!!

After presents, my two guys made breakfast for everyone. Doodle Bug's Grandma, Granny, Pat, Uncle C, and Jess came over. They made pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns...

Uncle C said he was teaching DB how to play with the Sit-and-spin. DB is not paying attention, but uncle C looks like he's having a blast!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Here's what we've been up to...

I was sick last week with a bad cold and if Doodle Bug gave me a second to myself, I was resting! But, even though sick, Doodles was healthy and on the run. So we still did a bunch of activities. I'm glad I didn't pass the cold onto my little man!!

DB loves to play with play dough. I had some letter stamps laying around from a previous craft. So, I gave them to him and let him stamp away. Then, I would stamp the word "dog" and he would say "woof, woof".

Here we are sorting trucks and trains into two different bowls. He still needs some assistance with this activity... he doesn't like to let go of his trains and trucks once he picks them up. Instead, he points to where it belongs. :o)

He loves pouring things out of cups. Here, DB is transferring rice from one pie tin to the other using his cup.

When he's at home he uses a cup to drink from. When we're out in public, I still have him use a sippy cup...just in case he has an accident! However, he likes to be a big boy and still wants to drink from a regular cup even when we're out in public. So far we've been lucky!! No spills!! Uh, oh! I'm sure I just jinxed us!!

Doodle Bug LOVES any type of water activity. So, I gave him a bowl with water and we "tested" objects to see if they sink or float. He like throwing the objects in the bowl and watching the big splash!
After a few minutes of play, Philly just couldn't help himself and went in for a drink!

We've also been doing lots of baking. Doodle Bug enjoys helping in the kitchen. He helps me roll the dough out for pizza, he helps me wash vegetables for dinner, and below he is helping with the blueberry muffins!

"A watched pot, never boils!" He doesn't care, he just wants those muffins to be done already!

Mmmm! These muffins are good!