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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Disney and Hair cut!!!

Sunday, we went to the Magic Kingdom with Grandma. Surprisingly, the park was not crowded at all.  Our first stop was the Disney Barber Shop.  Doodle Bug has had his haircut before, but usually by his Daddy.  This is his first "professional' hair cut.  It was Dad's idea for the full headed Mohawk!  He sat very still during the cut and played with Buzz Lightyear.
Wow Dad!  I look COOL! I love my new haircut!

I've been wanting a picture in front of the Castle for a while.  Finally, we got it!

Woohoo!  Doodle Bug was finally tall enough to ride the cars at Disney.  We've tried to get him on this ride twice before, but he was 3/4 of an inch too short!  Not this time.  He LOVED this ride!  I think it might just be his favorite ride ever!
It was a bright, sunny, and hot day!!  Doodle's wanted a pair of sunglasses, so we found the smallest pair and he stuck them right on and rocked his new look!
Grandma and Doodle Bug were trying to shoot all the bad guys on the Buzz Lightyear ride (above).  They both look really into it!  Last time Doodles was afraid of Buzz (below), this time, he couldn't wait to see him!  He loved pushing Buzz's buttons!

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  1. That is NOT a baby anymore!!!! He is a BIG, handsome boy!!!