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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doodle Bug turns 2!!!!

Our Precious little Doodle Bug turns 2!!! Where has the time gone??? The theme of his birthday was Sponge Bob. He loves the Sponge Bob balloon! He also liked carrying S.B. around on his shoulders!

We had a very small party this year. We figured we had the "extravaganza" last year with over 60 people in attendance. This year we kept it to just Doodle Bug's Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Great Granny, and my cousin. I think there were only 12 people.

But, don't worry! He did NOT lack in the present department!!! My parents bought Doodles his very own bounce house, that Mom and Dad get to blow-up, clean, take-down, roll-up and do it all over again :o( Doodles LOVES it!

Great Granny gave Doodle Bug a big fire truck!

My cousin, J, gave Doodles a ton of "Noisy" cars! Thanks, J!! I'll remember that when you have kids!!!!

Doodle Bug is handy with his very own drill and tool set!

After opening presents, it was time to go outside for the big reveal. Have you ever seen "My Sweet Sixteen" on MTV. You know how they go outside and their parents present them with their brand new car! Well, Doodles received his first Ford truck! Look at the expression on his face in the picture. You wouldn't believe he was kicking, screaming, and crying as we pried him away from his new toys and led him outside for one more...

Hubby's mom bought Doodle's his first ride (hopefully she buys him the real one when he's sixteen :o))

The happy family...

We tried to get Doodle Bug to blow out his candles.

He ate his cake so perfectly this year. He didn't make a mess or get it anywhere! Far cry from last year.

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  1. UMMM When is the playdate at your house??? We are available T/TH :) So much fun stuff!!!

    I can't believe he's 2 already either!! Such a little boy! I'm glad he had a terrific bday!