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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gator Land

A couple of weekends ago, Doodle Bug's Grandpa and Uncle J came to visit. We had fun do the "touristy" things in Florida. We went to Gator Land. Doodles loved looking at all of the HUGE gators. He would walk around doing the "Gator Chomp".

There was an animal feeding area in one part of the park. We got to feed an ENORMOUS tortoise. Doodles was crying because he wanted to keep the apple. He was upset that the tortoise ate it!

Uncle J and Grandpa were trying to pet the Boa Constrictor! They had to add excitement to the park somehow :o)

Then, they got to go down and feed the alligators! As you can see, they let you get REALLY close! I can't believe the 2 of them turned their backs on the gators...doesn't it look like the gators are smirking?

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