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Sunday, October 31, 2010


WARNING: this post is loaded with pictures!!!! Here is what we've been up to in October! We started the month off by going to Long and Scott's farm. They had all sorts of things set up for kids of all ages! They had underground slides, a playground, corn mazes, hay rides...
We decided to try the kiddie corn maze (the adult maze takes between 3-6 hours to complete!) The kiddie maze only took us 30 minutes (and it was hard and confusing).

Dad, wait up!!

Mom, I think Dad went this way, but I'm not sure!!!!

After the maze, Doodle Bug wanted to play a little Put Put Golf. He had a blast!!

Then, he insisted on swinging on the "Big Kid Swing"!!! Mom was nervous, but DB did a great and hung on tight. This was his favorite part of the whole day! Where did my little baby go?

Doodles even played on the Over-Sized tires. He wasn't a fan of the sand though!

The next weekend, we decided to carve our pumpkin. Mom drew the design, Dad carved and scooped, Doodle Bug supervised to make sure we didn't mess it up. He tried to help Dad scoop the insides out, but one feel of the slimy innards and he was done!

Here is our finished Jack-o-Lantern. We nicknamed him the "Great Pumpkin Eater".

The next weekend is Halloween. We went up the street to a church parking lot. The parishioners had their cars parked with their trunks propped open. They decorated the trunks and kids could go from trunk to trunk to Trick-or-Treat. They called it Trunk or Treat.
Woody had to start the evening off by giving Buzz Lightyear a talk about not crying during Trick-or-Treating. It worked, because after their discussion, Buzz was all smiles!!

Here we are at the start! Dad is Woody, Mom is Jessy, and Doodle Bug is Buzz Lightyear from a Toy Story.

Here are a few of the decorated trunks. Doodles totally understood the concept of walking around and collecting candy. He's been saying "Chicken Feet" (his version of trick-or-treat) ALL day long!!! Once we get there, he wouldn't say it, BUT he LOVED going up to people and getting free candy.

Doodles collected so much candy that Mom had to carry the candy basket.
We got home in time to pass out candy to our neighborhood kids. Doodles learned about giving and sharing because he got so much candy, that we decided to add it to our candy to pass out to the trick-or-treaters.

Of course, Doodle Bug had to eat some of the candy while we waited for kids to come around.

Doodle Bug was such a big helper passing out candy. If the kids were across the street at our neighbor's house, DB grew impatient and he tried to throw it at them. Luckily, I stopped him and reminded him we have to wait until they come to us.

Overall, it was a GREAT Halloween!!! It was so much fun to experience Halloween all over again through the eyes of our two-year-old. He had so much fun and loved the fact that Mom and Dad got dressed up to.
So you're probably wondering why the name of this post is Ha-ha-ween???? Well, Doodle Bug has been trying so hard to say Happy Halloween, but when he says it, it sounds more like Ha-Ha-Ween!!
So, Ha-ha-ween to everyone out there!

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