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Monday, April 6, 2009

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Well, we went to the mall today to have Little Doodlebug's picture taken with the Easter Bunny. The line wasn't too bad, maybe a 30 minute wait. Of course, Doodles spit up all over his cute outfit. Luckily, I was able to clean it off pretty well and it didn't show up in the picture! The photographer got off 2 shots before he started crying.

Here you will see Doodlebug playing with his new favorite toy! Why did I put him next to the door stopper you ask? Well, I didn't I placed him 3 feet away from the door, but Doodles is now an accomplished "scooter"! He does an army crawl to get where ever he times, here we come!

Yesterday, Hubby was watching Doodles play. Doodlebug scooted his way off of the squishy mats that we have layed down, across the family room, and made it all the way to our dog, Philly. Doodles reaches out and grabs Philly's paw. Philly pulls it out of Doodles grasp. So, Doodles reaches for the tendon on Philly's back paw and pinches it! Philly jumped up, turned to look at Doodles and doesn't bark, but makes a moan that really sounded like "don't do that again".


  1. They grow sooo fast! Say good bye to sitting and watching him play ;)
    I still don't have a picture of LL with the Easter Bunny. He cries even if we get close ;)

  2. His picture came out cute! We only got 2 shots to choose from as well.

  3. Love the photo's they are so cute, yes look out he is going to be all over.