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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doodle Bug is getting so tall! Last year, he couldn't even stand or sit next to the scarecrow and look at him this year!
Doodle Bug's Aunts came over and we all went to Celebration for the "Falling Leaves" Festival. For those of you who don't live in Orlando, Celebration is the town owned by Disney. When we first drove into the town, we spotted several wild pigs snorting around one of the homes!

After the piggy sighting, we parked the car and walked around main street to kill time (the leaves only fall at the top of the hour). We went into this cute little store, I can't remember the exact name of it, but it was something like: "Spotted dog". Anyways, it sold ice cream, cookies, baby clothes, and even had a cookie decorating station set up in the back. They had really cute Halloween t-shirts for toddlers. Doodles allready has several for this year, so I didn't buy one. However, I plan on going back the day after Halloween and buying one for next year on sale! Below is Doodle Bug sitting in the dog house at the store.

Those are his "gang" signs!! I don't know why he does this, or where he even learned it from, but he seems to be doing it a lot lately!

Daddy and Doodles walking down main street.

Across the street was a large pond with ducks. Here Daddy is showing Doodles the ducks and listening to them quack!

Mommy and Doodles waiting for the leaves to fall. The anticipation builds...

Yep, that is what we drove all the way out to Celebration and waited an hour to see! A few sparse paper leaves blowing around. Doodles had fun watching it. If you blinked too fast, you might have missed it!

Here we all are looking so thrilled that we saw the leaves fall...that's what you get in Florida! At least the temperature felt great... a cool 68 degrees!

Way too much excited for one night, time to go home! Goodnight!!

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  1. Great pics! Especially love his 'gang' signs! Sweeeet! LOL

    Peace out!