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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First Kiss!

Well, I thought I had my LAST "first kiss" on December 16, 1999 from my wonderful and handsome Hubby! But, I was wrong!!!!
Doodle Bug has been kissing the dogs for about a month (he even makes the smooching sound when he does it), then he gave Hubby a kiss last week, but wouldn't give me one! I, of course, was heart broken :o( Little did I know that he was waiting for just the right moment to give me a kiss.
We were in his room today playing with his foam letters. He had them spread out all over the floor. When he got bored, he headed over to the door, reached for the doorknob, and grunted. I told him he had to help me pick up the letters first. Ha! In my dreams. He continued to reach and grunt while I picked up the letters. When I finished, he walked over to me and gave me a big smooch right on my cheek! It melted my heart!!! I guess he knows what he has to do to get what he wants from Mom!!!!!
I don't have any pictures of the smooching, but here a just a few of him being silly!! Enjoy!!

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  1. Aww he's starting to look and act like a boy!!!! So sweet!!!