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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February at a Glance!

Here is what we've been up to in February!

Februaray 14
Valentine's Day
Doodle Bug colored a heart for Dadda and also gave him a card. Doodles gave Momma a very nice card too!

Doodle Bug and I also made chocolate hearts and chocolate covered strawberries for Dadda!

After breakfast, we all went to Monkey Joes. This is Doodle Bug's favorite place to go!! He especially loves the BIG kid slide!

He likes to make friends where ever we go...

After Doodle Bug took a nap, it was time for Momma and Dadda to have some fun. We went to the shooting range. Dadda wanted Momma to try shooting a Smith and Wesson 44 mag snub nose revolver. I loved it and Dadda surprised me with it as my Valentine's gift. (the day before, I surprised Dadda with a couples was very relaxing).
Here Doodles is picking out a rifle

The gun store has stuffed lions and bears all over. Doodle Bug was posing and learning the names of all the animals.

On February 18, Hubby and I left Doodles at home with my parents while we went to Mexico. This was the first time that I left Doodle Bug and I won't lie... it was tough!! I cried as I hugged him good bye. Then I cried on the way to the airport, but I had to pull myself together because about 20 of Hubby's coworkers were on the flight from Orlando to Miami with us. Once we got to Miami, we met up with about 20-25 more coworkers. This time it was harder for me not to break down because I knew in just a few short hours I would no longer be in the same country as my son. It didn't help that everyone kept bringing it up and asking questions about Doodles. However, we all survived and everything was just fine. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

When we arrived at the Excellence at Playa Mujeras, Mexico, the weather was cold and rainy. It stayed this way for the first two days we were there. It didn't help that I packed mostly sun dresses and bathing suits!

By Saturday the sun decided to make an appearance! Here is my handsome hubby posing on the balcony of our room.

Smooch, smooch! We enjoyed the alone time :o)

One of the days, Hubby's company arranged the "Beach Olympics"!! It was a bunch of silly games. In the picture below, the teams had to fun a relay race with flippers on their feet, run down to a table, drink tequila, and run back!

This next game, the players had to stuff as many ping pong balls into their bathing suit as they could!

Then, each team chose a man and a woman to decorate as "Mayan King and Queens". The decorations consisted of: ketchup, mustard, raw eggs, pickles, ping pong balls, and face paint...gross!

Overall, we had a relaxing vacation!
On February 22 Doodle Bug turned 18 months old!! Why is the time going by so FAST??? We took him to the pediatrician on February 26 for his check-up. He finally weighs 20 pounds and 6 oz!!!!!! He is still in the less than 5%ile for weight, but at least he is consistent :o) We had a hard time getting his height because he was struggling with us and didn't want to lay down. First, we got a measurement of 30 inches, then 31 inches. When we got home and I measured him standing up, I got 31 3/4 inches. This puts him in the 15%ile for height. He has 16 teeth and the doctor said he is healthy and growing steadily. He is just on the small side for right now. He has about 10 words(doctor said he should have 15 by now): Dadda, Momma, this, uh oh, choo choo (train), vroom vroom (car), one two three (sounds like un, oo, ee) He has a few other words that he says consistently, I just need a translator because I haven't figured out what they mean. It kind of sounds like "Damn it", but I don't know where he would learn that from ;o) He can also recognize words on flash cards. I place 3-4 flash cards around the living room and ask him to bring me the card that says clap and he does it. Then we try dog, hi, and wave. He likes this game for about 4 minutes, then he's off running around the house! He has a short attention span. I feel sorry for his future teachers ;o)
He loves to sit outside and use the stairs to the hot tub as his desk. Here you can see him reading his book.

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