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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Well, I only have two pictures from the whole day because I forgot to bring my camera :o( The quality isn't that great because I'm using Hubby's blackberry to take the pics.

We woke up Early on Father's Day and made breakfast for Dadda! Then we went out on the boat! Doodle Bug is really getting good at driving. He'll be even better when he can see over the steering wheel!

After Dadda finished wake boarding, Doodle Bug insisted on getting in the lake too! He cooled off for a few minutes and got out.

Father and son having lots of fun!

To my hubby,
Doodle Bug is so lucky to have such a caring, loving father like you. He loves learning about classic cars from you and going to car shows. He enjoys watching Barret-Jackson and Mecum auctions, too! He looks up to you and you're such a great role model for him. I know D.B. will grow up to be an honest, respectful gentleman just like you. Thank you for being the BEST father! Love, me.

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