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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Granny

Doodle Bug's Great Granny slipped and fell and went to the hospital. When she was released, she went to a Rehab center to get better at walking. Doodle Bug and I went to visit her. Doodle's is playing with the games there that they have for the residents. He really loved Great Granny's chair with wheels! He even baked G.G. some blueberry muffin tops. G.G. is supposed to be released tomorrow. Yayyyyyyy!!!

Last weekend, Daddy bought Doodle Bug an outfit at the mall. Here Doodle's is "modeling" the outfit!! He's such a ham.

Doodle Bug is a really picky eater. It's hard to find something he really likes to eat. He might like it one day, and hate it the next. Like just yesterday, he LOVED mac-n-cheese. Today, I gave it to him and he wouldn't even look at it let alone put it near his mouth! However, he really liked eating sushi! Especially using the chopsticks. This was a salmon roll. The salmon was fully cooked.

He is so cute! I love him so much!


  1. UMMMMMM that is a little boy in those pictures!!!!! He's getting too big!!! Cute still though :) Glad GG is getting better too!

  2. Are those drumsticks or chopsticks? LOL :)'s a ROCKSTAR eating Japanese food. :)