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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ride Makerz!!!!

So, while we were walking around Downtown Disney, we stumbled upon a place called, Ride Makerz!! Well, many of you have heard of "Build a Bear" workshop. This is similar, except you build your own car. Doodle Bug and Dadda were in heaven!!!! At the front of the shop, they have several real cars on display... which of course was just the START of the excitement!
Next, the boys picked out the body of the car. There were so many to choose from, but finally they agreed upon a lime green colored Challenger. Then they had to pick out just the right wheels and tires. For us ladies, it would be similar to picking out just the right shoes and jewelry for our outfit. (However, I think we can find shoes and jewelry faster than it took the boys to find the right rims!!!)

A quick check from the "official" to make sure we had chosen all of the right parts...

...and then they were off to build!!! Here is the first car that Father and Son built. I'm sure it won't be the last!

I wasn't sure who had more fun :)

Can you see the excitement in his eyes???

Putting on the finishing touches...

The two boys had so much fun together! I love watching them do things together. Hubby is such a great Dad. Doodle Bug is so blessed to have such a caring father who loves to spend time with him. I love you, babe!

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  1. Yes it is hard to tell who is having more fun!! I find that a lot with Edju and Leo too!!!