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Monday, August 29, 2011

What a HOT Summer!!

What a HOT summer we have been having here in Florida!!! We've had to find ways to cool off! Everyday, Doodle Bug's friend comes over to play. Her blogger name will be lady bug. Here she is smiling for the camera!

Doodle bug smiling...

For his birthday, Doodle Bug received a Pirate Ship from his grandparents. Everyday he asks if he can play with his "Pile of Shi*!" Translation... pirate ship. It makes me laugh every time he says it.

Awe, best buddies!

Doodle Bug is cooling off!

Sometimes, Lady Bug helps him cool off!

She wants to make sure he doesn't over heat!! What a good friend :-)

What a great way to beat that summer heat! Thanks Grandma and Poppop!

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