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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Fun!!

Where has 2011 gone?

I can't believe it is October already!!!! The Pumpkin Patch is here, so we took the two little bugs and snapped some pictures. Here is our photo shoot...

Remember in the previous posting I mentioned that Doodle Bug lost his 2 front teeth? Well, if you look real close, you can kind off see the gap. My poor guy!

D.B. loves picking out just the right pumpking!!

Found it!!!!

Here is Jitter Bug's first visit to the Pumpkin Patch!!! She was all smiles and loved every second of it. A far cry from her brother who has to be bribed with 15 minutes of extra iPad use if he poses for a few pictures!!!!

Just in case your forgot, here is a picture from Doodle Bug's first visit to the Pumpkin Patch. This is one of my favorites!!!

"Mommy, this tastes so good!!! You should try some!"

After picking out the perfect pumpkin, we went home and Doodle Bug and Daddy started cooking. They were frying a turkey for their 2 girls!

"I'm ready to help! I have my apron and my mits on!!!"

It turned out to be one of the best turkeys we've ever had!!

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