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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another milestone...

Well, five months ago, if you told me this day would come, I'd be excited. Now that it finally happened, I'm sad :( J slept through the night in his crib. Yes, I said CRIB! Before meeting J, I always said, "I don't want a child to sleep in my bedroom." I especially did not want him in my bed. However, after meeting him, I loved having him sleep next to me in his bassinet. I especially loved having him lay next to me in my own bed. Sometimes, after Daddy left for work, I would put him in bed next to me and watch him sleep. Ok, not sometimes, it was all the time :o) I would lay there thinking that I was the luckiest person in the world.

I have friends that tell me their children still sleep in their bedrooms. (these children range in age from 1-5 years old) I used to think they are CRAZY, but now I completely understand it! I just keep telling myself that I am teaching him to have good sleep habits and to sleep in his own bedroom. After all, that crib wasn't cheap! We need to get some use out of it! As you can see by the pictures, it didn't bother him one bit to sleep in his crib. My little baby is growing up! Soon he'll be running off to Kindergarten and not looking back!


  1. Awwwww! He is so cute! How many times did you check on him last night?

  2. Welcome to blogging! Jayden is growing up;o)

  3. Welcome to blogging! J is so cute. Grape Seed is still in our room and most likely will be until college ; ) She has been sleeping for 6 to 7 hours straight though!

  4. Hi Collins Family!!! I am finally online :)Thats great that Jayden is finally sleeping, hopefully you will get some rest now too. Can't wait to see you!

    Love, Tina