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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doodle Bug's 2nd Halloween!

Well, since I didn't have this blog last year, I'll start off with Doodle Bug's costume from his first Halloween. He dressed as a stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey! Can you believe I actually made that costume?

So cute I could've gobbled him up!

This year, we started off the day by going to a place called, "A Lot of Pumpkins". However, there were just a few pumpkins left when we arrived:o) We ran into Little Red Riding Hood (aka Grape seed) while we were there and of course we had to get a shot of the two of them together!

There was a petting zoo there so Doodle's got to pet a goat. He kept grabbing for the leash to walk it like it was his dog! He was also more interested in the hay, not the goat.

My little Handy Manny!

Here is a good shot of his costume.

The happy family posing for pictures!

Later that evening, we went to Downtown Winter Garden for their Annual Halloween Festival. Here is our traditional family picture between the two Oak Trees. Hubby dressed as his father for the night. He looked just like him too! (if you haven't seen Hubby's Dad, look at our Boston trip back in May)

Hubby didn't want to be the only one dressed up for the evening so he decided to dress my father as a Pimp! Kind of weird!

WARNING!! The next picture may be a bit disturbing. Scroll down with caution!

Doodle Bug's Uncle C decided to dress as a Bay Watch Babe!








Here is Hubby and I dressed up for a friend's party. He was a Hippy Dude and I was the Swine Flu.

Trick or Treat!!!!!!!

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