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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pictures with the Easter Bunny

Woohoo! This is my 100th post!!!
After breakfast, we had a practice Easter Egg Hunt. I thought I would have to do a lot of teaching, but Doodle Bug knew exactly what to do! Here he is reaching for a high egg.

This egg was low (Daddy was in charge of hiding the eggs)

After the Easter Egg Hunt, we went to the mall to get our picture taken with the Easter Bunny. We had to wait for an hour. Doodles was pretty good. He was still in the "egg hunt" mode and kept trying to get the eggs from the Easter decorations. The people at the mall were smart and hot glued them in place so that curious little finger couldn't take them!

Here are the only pictures we got with the Easter Bunny...

Oooh! I like the back of my hair. I just got it cut yesterday and this was the first time I saw it...cute ;o)

Doodles was terrified!!! He held squeezed me soooo tight and wanted nothing to do with the Easter Bunny!!
Right next to the Easter Bunny, the photographers had a cute spring display set up so that they could get more money out of weak parents, I mean, so that you could get MORE cute pictures of your kids! Doodle Bug was very cooperative here and we got a few good shots! Enjoy.

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