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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well, it's time for Hubby and I to say good-bye to the "Cool Adult Playroom". In just 3 short days, the pool table was dismantled and delivered to its new owner, a wall was put up and the Baby's room was built, finished, and painted. Bye Pool Table, I miss you already :( One last look at the open space... And the construction begins. This is what it looked like on Friday Morning. The wall and the closets were framed out quickly.

By Sunday evening we had two finished products...

First, we'll start with Doodle Bug's "Big Boy Room"!!! He LOVES it and even helped with the design and layout.

This is his big boy bed. It has a twin size trundle underneath it for when he has sleepovers :) He's been sleeping in it for about 2 weeks now and LOVES it!!!! Somehow, he manages to stay right in the middle and doesn't really toss and turn at all.

I free hand drew that car on the wall. Okay, just kidding, it's a wall decal that can peel off.

Doodle Bug was given the option as to what it should say under the car. He chose "Fast Car". He reads it every night before going to bed :)

On the other wall he has a race track.

And here is Jitter Bug's room!!! Jitter Bug will be here in just a few short weeks :) I've given her the name Jitter Bug because she has NOT stopped moving for the past 5 weeks. I'm serious, she NEVER sleeps. She uses my lungs as her personal trampoline and my bladder as her punching bag. Doodle Bug loves to put his head on my belly because she will kick him every time... sibling love already!

When I found out I was having a girl, I didn't want a pink room...guess that changed!

We still have to hang the wall art, but that will come in time. I'm slowing down these days, even though I'm trying to fight it :)

Jitter Bug is already spoiled. I would love to have a Double Closet like hers. It's already filling up fast thanks to friends and family!!!!

Here is the new playroom for the kiddos. We still plan to add shelves and toy chests, but I think we did enough in 3 days.

That wall is right where the pool table used to sit.

This is the new view from looking down the hallway.

So excited for Jitter Bug to arrive!!!

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