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Friday, May 6, 2011

Just like a girl to keep us waiting until the due date...

Well, the birth story begins on Friday, April 22, 2011. I started feeling contractions and started timing them. When they got to be about 5 minutes apart for over an hour, we decided to go to the hospital to see if I was dilating. To my disappointment, I was only 1cm (which I had been for a month). They monitored me for 20 minutes and my contractions got as close as 2 minutes apart, but still no dilation. The doctors prescribed morphine to space the contractions apart and sent me home. They said to come back when they were more intense.

Since I left the hospital, they were consistently 5-7 minutes apart. On Easter Sunday, they became more intense. So, we went back to the hospital. We were told on Sunday that I was only 2 cm. Still not time to be admitted to the hospital. :( I was miserable!!!! Hubby says that's an understatement!

My next doctor appointment wasn't until Thursday morning. I met with Dr. Lazar and he confirmed that I was still only 2 cm. I broke down and started crying telling him how much misery I was in. He made a deal with me and said if I was still miserable on Saturday morning, to come down to the hospital and call him on his cell phone. He would examine me and we will discuss a possible induction.

Saturday morning came, and of course, I was still miserable! We met Dr. Lazar in the triage and he went over the risks and benefits of induction. I was nervous because I really wanted her out, but I wanted her to be safe too. I asked the doctor to tell me what he would do if I were his wife. He laughed and said he would have induced weeks ago. Hubby busted out laughing and gave me a look like "we're inducing today because I can't take another day of you being pregnant!". So we induced.

I was given Pitocen around 11:30a.m.

Jitterbug graced us with her debut on 4/30/11 @ 6:17pm. She weighed in at a mere 6lbs. 10 oz.

Doodle Bug meets Jitter Bug for the first time!!! He is so sweet and so gentle with her. He is in charge of caring for her feet. He likes to take her socks of and tickle her toes when she nursing. God has blessed us with a beautiful family of four. Life is PERFECT!!!!

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  1. What a perfect little family!!! Can't wait to meet her!!