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Friday, June 26, 2009

Apple Picking and Fun at the Beach

Doodle Bug and I went to South Florida to visit my parents. They have an apple tree in their front yard. Yes, I said apple tree. There is a special type of apple tree that grows in Florida. The apples were ripe and ready to be harvested. So Grandma thought it was time to put Doodle Bug to work...picking apples!

First, he had to pluck the apple from the branch.

Next, he placed it in the basket.

Then, he had to wash the apples.

And, finally he was able to eat it!
He took a long nap after all of that! He was pooped!

When he woke from his nap, we all went to visit my sister and see her new place. She lives across the street from the beach. Below is the view from her balcony.

Besides the power lines being in the way, it's a gorgeous sight. If you woke up everyday to that sight, it's hard to be in a bad mood!
Doodles posing on Aunt C's couch.
Aunt C walked him across the street to the beach.
Doodles first time seeing and hearing the ocean!

He didn't sit still for long. He couldn't wait to get a fist full of sand!
He's definitely a boy...a messy boy. He loved doing the army crawl and getting sand in his belly button!
First dip in the ocean
Look at the expression on his face! He loved to watch the waves come crashing on the shoreline!
Doodles kept trying to "catch a wave".
Time to rinse off and head back to Aunt C's home! We were on the beach for a whole 20 minutes! I think Doodles would have loved to spend the entire day there!


  1. I love the pics :) He is adorable
    Those of him picking apples were to cute :)

  2. How cute! You can tell that he loved being there.

  3. Well DB is braver than LL since LL goes running when the waves come :) DB is a cutie and growing too fast!!!!

  4. I'll calling child labor laws ;) DB is too cute with those apples and waves. Can't wait to see him again.