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Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Weekend!

My Poppop's 78th Birthday was June 11 and my Grandmother threw him a birthday bash at his favorite restaurant, Beef O'Brady's :o) It was fun to get the whole family together... all 4 generations! My Grandparents have 3 Great Grand kids!!
On Sunday, we went boating! Both of my sisters were hesitant to get into the lake water. We grew up going to the beach and were immune to the fear of sharks in the water. However, the Butler Chain is the first lake water we have ever gone into! I think we have a Gator-phobia! It took a couple of years, but I'm getting used to it. My sisters, on the other hand, didn't want their feet to touch the bottom. Here we are all sharing the same raft!

I think we're sinking!

Here is my sister learning to drive the boat. Lord help us!

Cousin J was still in town, so she learned to wake board. Look at her go!!!!

Here we are saying "Good-Bye" to everyone!

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