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Monday, July 6, 2009

First 4th of July celebration!!

Well, we started our 4th of July by taking the boat out. We were on the lake by about 9:30am. Doodle Bug loves to drive the boat. He learned that the round knob on his right makes the boat go forward. If only he could see over the steering wheel :o)

Mommy and Doodle Bug relaxing.

Grandpa, Doodle Bug, and Auntie M having fun.
Around lunch time, we drove our boat over to one of Hubby's high school friend's home. He was having a pool party, so we went there to eat and have some fun! Doodles sat in the shallow end of the pool and splashed the ENTIRE time. I'm not exaggerating when I say he splashed for about 45 minutes straight. He had a blast!

Daddy was too hot and cranky to take a picture with us! (Hubby's friend has a nice pool, doesn't he?)

Auntie M, Mum Mum, and Doodles...he did NOT want to get out of the pool!
The Love Birds!

My Mom's birthday is July 4. Over the past several months, she has worked HARD to lose weight and she looks fabulous (she's the one in the red bathing suit). So, I didn't want to make a traditional birthday cake loaded with calories. Thanks to Google, I found a recipe. This "Birthday Cake" is made with fruits and nuts. It consists of a layer of pureed almonds, followed by a layer of pureed figs, almonds, pureed strawberries, almonds, pureed bananas, almonds. Here is a picture.

Besides the fact that I used too many almonds, the "cake" wasn't that bad.
SIDE NOTE: Things I've learned from traveling with formula!!!
1. when packing a can of formula in your suitcase and flying with it, make sure you place the sealed can in a Ziploc bag. Otherwise, the can opens during the flight and gets powdered formula ALL over your clothes leaving you with nothing to wear. (I learned this when I flew to Providence in May)
2. when going boating, don't place the baby bottles filled with water in the same Ziploc with the baby's dry diapers. The bottles will leak and then you have NO diapers for baby! (I learned this on Saturday! Thank you, T, for bringing me diapers and wipes!!!)


  1. hmmmm what nice friend with that pool??? Is he a boy in a band??? ;) And say bye bye bye :) haha

  2. Wow it is a very nice pool :) ur lil boy looked so cute in the water my son loves the water too :)