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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Funny Stories...

I probably write a little too much, but I have a bad memory and I want to be able to remember Doodle Bug's first year...and my first year surviving Motherhood!

So it was 1:oopm, time for Doodle's bottle. I fixed up some formula and handed him the bottle. Usually, he picks it up and drinks it all in a matter of minutes. Today, he picked it up and took a few sips, then threw it on the floor. Hmmm, maybe he's wasn't hungry/thirsty. I put him on the mat with his toys and let him play for 10 minutes. Then I tried giving him the bottle again. Same thing happened. A few sucks, then thrown on the floor. His afternoon nap typically begins around 1:30, so I thought maybe he is just tired. We went upstairs to his room and I sat in the glider and tried giving him the bottle again. This time, Doodles sucked with all his might and the nipple was sunken in and making a funny sound. I also noticed that there wasn't any milk flowing into the nipple. That's when I remembered that I had forgotten to take the "No leak, round disc" out of the bottle before giving it to him. No matter how hard he sucked, the milk couldn't come out! :o) Do these things happen to other Moms, or just me??

Doodles being cute...

Hmmm...this might make for a good blackmail picture later on in life. Doodle Bug had a GREAT time playing with a bag of curlers. Don't know what to get him for his birthday, just find some old junk around your house and wrap it up...apparently, that is his favorite thing to play with. Wish I had known that before spending money on toys :o)

Doodle Bug loves to eat french the fistful!

Who ate my fry????

Doodle Bug has a goal to be walking by his Birthday party!! He's been practicing for the last several weeks. Last night, his Grandma stopped by and gave him a gift. It was a shopping cart for Doodles to hold onto and walk behind. We didn't have to show him how to use it. He knew right away what to do. He loves this toy!!! Of course, after I stopped filming, Doodles got back up, let go of the shopping cart, and stood (all by himself) for about 4 seconds. I was so proud of him.


  1. LOL... you reminded me of an incident just like that!? I KNOW other moms have done that too! Leaving in that round disc...hilarious. I remember laughing at myself when I did that.

    Yay for almost walking, Doodlebug! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. D very well may be walking before his birthday :) I'll cut you some slack on the haven't been giving them to him for long time :)

  3. Oh my goodness, how cute, he's walking!!! No stopping him now. Better start taking your vitamins mom so you can keep up!

  4. lol gotta love those kindve mommy mistakes and that is to cute him ppushing the shopping cart im gonna have to get one for my lil one and no he hasnt started saying no yet lol but i know it wont be long he has way to much attitide already lol