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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Doctor visit and Learning time!

Well, it seems hard to find the time to blog. Doodle Bug has been keeping me busy lately!

Last Monday, August 24, Doodles went to the pediatrician for his one year check-up. He weighs 18 lbs. 10 oz. which keeps him in the less than 5%ile for weight, but he grew in length to 29 in and that puts him in the 25%ile for height. So, I think he will just be tall and skinny :o) The doctor said not to worry that he is growing just as he should he's just a little peanut. He got his chicken pox vaccine and I was told to keep an eye on him for rash or fever for the next month. She also said we could finally get off formula and begin transitioning him to rice milk. Every 3 days I add an ounce more of rice milk and an ounce less of formula. Today, we are at 4 oz of rice milk to 2 oz of formula. Just a couple more days and he'll be off formula!!! My wallet will thank him!!!!!

The doctor also said it's time to start introducing milk and see if he still reacts to it. Since he is used to eating milk/soy free waffles in the morning, I bought him waffles from Publix that contains small amounts of milk in it. He ate them yesterday and today for breakfast. So far the only side effect I've noticed is that he is a bit more gassier. So we'll see how it goes. Below is a picture of him eating his waffles.

His 12 month picture. He's learning how to play baseball!

Now he's running away from me because he doesn't want to pose for any more pictures!

He's really at a fun age where I can teach him things. A family friend gave us a stack of these educational learning books (thanks D). So last Friday, I got the color book out and decided to work on colors. He's not interested in color names, but he loves the puzzle pieces. I spent all day on Friday showing him how to pull the puzzle piece out. I learned something new about my son. He became frustrated very easily and would cry if he couldn't get the puzzle piece out after just 2 tries! So I would rub his back and, "say you can do it keep trying", and finally, just before Dad got home from work, Doodles mastered the skill and was able to show his Daddy!!! Here is a video of his work!

All weekend he kept playing with the puzzle book and he even took it to church with him. Although he was still a terror at church this past Sunday...but that's another story!

Yesterday, I decided to get the legos out. It was one of his birthday gifts. At first, Doodles just wanted to throw them and clink them together, but after I showed him how to push them together, he caught on quickly. Here is another video of lego time!


  1. He is so cute!! I like the picture where he is crawling away from the camera. He is a smart little boy.

  2. He's soooo smart like his Mama :) I'm glad he's enjoying his baseball toy!!