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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

The Easter Bunny hid Doodle's Easter Basket in the living room this year. It was fun to watch Doodle Bug "hunt" for it. He looked everywhere before he finally found it wedged between the sofa and the end table. As you can see by the expressions on his face, he loved everything the E.B. brought him this year!

Afterwards, Grandma and Great Granny came over to help us dye the eggs! Doodle Bug had fun putting stickers on the eggs and then smashing them! Once we were all cleaned up, we went outside for our Easter Egg hunt. Doodle Bug did a great job finding all the eggs. He worked up an appetite during all that hunting, so he went back indoors and ate the hard boiled eggs that he just decorated! Be sure to look at the faces he makes in the pictures below! He is such a Happy Boy!

After all that excitement, Doodle Bug took a nap and I quickly got started on baking our "Family Easter Bunny Cake". It's a tradition that my Aunt Sue started many, many years ago. It's just not Easter without the traditional Easter Bunny Cake. Here's mine from this year. I used a cool whip icing which only made the decorative blue and red icing bleed into the white. It didn't look that great, but it sure tasted good! Maybe I'll use fondant next year...that always looks pretty (it's just not my favorite tasting icing!)

That evening, we went to Grandma C's house for dinner and more Easter fun! Doodles received another Easter Basket filled with loads of goodies! We all had a very blessed Easter filled with family, fun, and lots of love. Life is PERFECT!

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  1. Leo did the "O" face too at that age when he was excited over something! So cute!!