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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Time Flowers

I've been trying to get better about blogging lately. I love staying home with Doodle Bug and spending lots of quality time together. I'm contemplating returning to work in the fall and I want to remember all the fun activities we do. Luckily, even if I do go back to work, I still get tons of time off to spend with Doodle Bug.
Doodle Bug is a VERY active boy with a short attention span, except for when it comes to arts and crafts. He can sit still and color for hours at a time. So I try to plan many art projects through out the week.
Today we made "lentil" flowers!

I cut out the flower and showed Doodle Bug how to glue the lentils on the petals. He glued each lentil in place one by one. I've never seen him sit still and concentrate on one project for 30 minutes straight! I loved this project! He was so into gluing lentils that he never even tried to eat them! We might do this craft again!!

Here is the finished flower!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Cute idea!!! L is NOT a fan of arts and crafts!!! He lasts for about 5 mins and is bored;o(