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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun...

I know these last few posts have probably been kind of boring, but I love teaching Doodle Bug new things and watching him learn. I gave him a few clothespins and a bucket. I showed him how to squeeze the top and clip it to the bucket. Seems like a pretty simple task, but he had some difficulty at first. I was so excited when he picked this activity to do by himself later in the day and did it perfectly!!

I've been following a blog called Chasing Cheerios. It's about a Mom who is homeschooling her children using Montessori Activities. Now, I'm not a proponent of Montessori, it's just not a style of teaching that I prefer. However, at this stage of Doodle Bug's life, I like some of the activities. This next one also helps with fine motor skills. He uses tongs to pick up a pom pom and drop it on the egg tray.

Of course I had to extend the activity by then having him place the color pom pom in the corresponding color compartment.

Another outdoor activity we've added to our schedule is bike riding. Daddy finally found the bike seat he's been looking for and attached it to the handle bars of his bike. Doodle Bug LOVES riding bikes with Daddy!!! He's all smiles. He's not too thrilled about wearing a bike helmet though, but Mommy insists!!

Doodles wants to ride his own bike so badly!! He practices often, but he's still just a little too short. I think we might have to get him a tricycle :o)

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