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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

9 month check-up

We went to the Doctor's today for our 9 month check-up. Doodlebug had to get 2 shots and a finger prick to test his blood for iron. He cried for both of these, but got over it as soon as I picked him up. He's a champ! The doctor said he is healthy...yeah! However, he is in the less than 5%ile for his height and weight. He currently weighs 16.5 lbs and is 26.25 inches tall. The doctor said no matter how hard you try, two oranges can't make an apple...meaning two small in stature parents can't make a tall baby. So I'm off to google Equestrian schools. I guess I'll get Doodlebug some horseback riding lessons so that he can become a world famous jockey! I have always wanted to wear a BIG hat at the Kentucky Derby :o)


  1. Too funny! I thought he looked bigger in your last pics.

  2. I didn't think he looked small either! And I think you'd look HOT in a Derby Hat!!

  3. but also remember good things come in small package!!!

  4. Hi Im am grapeseed and familys cousin I happened upon your blog while commenting on hers and I love your blog for your son it is too cute and I love that about him being a jockey very funny :) be happy that he isnt growing out of his clothes as fast as you can buy them like my lil boy lol