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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doodlebug's First Out-of-State Trip!!!

Over the weekend, we all took a trip to Providence, RI to watch Doodlebug's Uncle graduate from college. We flew up last Thursday and came home that following Monday. We did loads of shopping, eating, and sightseeing. Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Uncle C graduated from Johnson and Wales University. Scroll down for pics of graduation!

Here we are at the Cheers Bar in Boston. The boys enjoyed a Blueberry Beer (with real blueberries floating in it!) They liked it!

Here we are sitting outside the bar relaxing and taking in the fresh air.

We went shopping at the Prudential Center in Boston. In the center of the mall is an outside courtyard. There were tons of people sitting and relaxing. Some were picnicing on the grass, while others sat in the shade and read. There was even a group of about 5 women sitting around chatting with their newborns on their lap. They must have been having a playdate. It made me wish we had some pretty parks here to do that.

Doodlebug turned 9 months old on Friday. Here he is sitting up like a big 9 month old. Don't worry, you can see my pant leg to see how close I am. What you can't see is the worried look on my face while I stood there ready to grab him at any wobbly second :o)

Here are two family pictures with the Graduate. Doodlebug wants to keep the Diploma.

Dad and Doodlebug at Flemings for dinner.

Here are the Orlando Hillbillies waiting to get on the bus for our Tour of Boston!

This is our tour bus. It drives on land and in the water.

Above is the real Samuel Adams tombstone.

Overall, we had a great time. Doodlebug loved the plane and especially loved the graham crackers the flight attendant gave him. He didn't cry and didn't act like his ears bothered him. He was such a good baby even when he missed his naps due to our busy schedule.


  1. Is the graduate trying to look smarter by wearing glasses ; ) Congrats Cody!

  2. So fun! Olivia's friends are such travelers...we're going to have to plan a trip somewhere so she can keep up. :) The pictures are great!

  3. I knew he'd be a good traveler! Can our next playdate be a vacation????