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Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally, we're back in Orlando! Let me catch my readers up on the past week. My First Mother's Day was wonderful. It started with Hubby bringing Doodlebug into our bedroom to give me my cards. Doodlebug started to cry when I took them (he wanted to "taste" them first). My present was the Flip Mino HD video camera. (yeah! thank you Hubby!!) It's a tiny video camera that fits in my diaper bag and it plugs into the computer like a flash drive for easy uploading. So, you know what that means... lots of video is coming to my blog!!!! Next, Hubby's Mom and Grandma came over and Hubby cooked us all a delicious breakfast. He made waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit salad and Mimosas. Mmmmmm!

Then, we packed up and headed down for South Florida to visit with my parents. It was a Mother's Day surprise for my Mom. When we arrived she was shocked and happy. While we were there, Doodlebug took his first dip in the pool. Thanks to my new video camera you can see him!

Hubby had to work down South till Thursday, so we all stayed at my parents house for the week. Today has been filled with laundry and cleaning. Now I have to get ready for our next trip. We leave next week to go to Rhode Island to see Doodlebug's Uncle graduate from College!! Yippee!!! This will be Doodles first flight so you can look forward to lots of pictures and videos coming soon. Now I'm off to read my friends' blogs and cath up on their lives!

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  1. How did Hubby know what you wanted for Mother's Day??? You good hinter you :) I can't wait for all those videos!!!