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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Domestic Engineer

My friend, T, signs her emails with the title, "Domestic Engineer". It makes me laugh every time I see it...until NOW! After today, I totally understand the meaning of Domestic Engineer!!!! In fact, EVERY Mom out there deserves this title. Here is what I did today. Doodlebug was supposed to be napping. I looked at the monitor and couldn't see him. There is one little sliver of the crib that cannot be seen by the camera and he usually squishes himself up in that little space (I think just to give me a heart attack). So I went upstairs to check on him so that I could stop worrying. Luckily I did, because he was getting ready to climb out of the crib.
So I picked him up and put him on the floor in his bedroom to play with his toys while I lowered the mattress. In my head I was thinking this would be a piece of cake and take only a few minutes. Ha! After 30 minutes of messing with it, I realized this was going to be more difficult than I anticipated. Not to mention, Doodlebug was trying to "help" me! So I went downstairs and set Doodles up in his pack and play and I did a really bad thing...don't judge me! I needed to keep Doodles occupied so that I could get to work, so I found a Baby Einstein DVD, unwrapped it, and stuck it in the DVD player on Repeat mode. Doodles loved it and watched it until he fell asleep. Meanwhile, I went back to the crib. I'll spare you the details and give you the concise version. I had to take the entire crib apart and put it back together again without any directions. Keep in mind, I was about 8 months pregnant when the crib was built so needless to say, I didn't have any part in assembling it. I felt like I needed a degree in engineering! Two and half hours later, I finally finished it! I'll end with a picture of Doodlebug wearing his "Future Harvard Freshman" onesie. He better start working on Scholarships now if that's were he plans on attending college. If you look closely, you can see his two bottom teeth!


  1. yeah toofers, and of course yeah for mom, do not feel bad about the dvd, you have to do what you have to do. Atleast he enjoyed them!

  2. Definitely don't feel bad about the DVD...and I'm so impressed with the crib! I don't think I could do anything with it if my life depended it. Great job! Oh, and how in the world can he already be old enough to start climbing out of his crib????

  3. I love you!!! Hubby

  4. did the crib thing yourself! You ARE amazing! I NEVER took apart the crib once in 9 years! You are good!