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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smile for the x-ray!

I took J to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital today to get his x-ray. He was a VERY good baby!!! We had to wait for 45 minutes in the lobby. Finally, we were called to go back to radiology. We get into the room and I have to take off all of J's clothes including his diaper. The x-ray tech draped a wash cloth over his private area. She told me to hold his legs down straight and not to let him wiggle. She said all babies cry at this part because they don't like to lay so still. I did as she said and told J to "Smile for the picture". He is such a ham, so of course he did. The tech started laughing. She said, "OK, this next pose will most likely make him cry". He had to lay perfectly still with his legs up and open in a frog position. Again, I said, "Smile for the picture" and he got a huge grin on his face. The tech said she had never seen a baby that was so well behaved. That's my boy!!!! We should hear from our Pediatrician early next week. I keep you all posted.

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