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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun!!!

Doodlebug and I went to the park today to get some fresh air. We met up with some of our friends and had a great time!

Here is doodles in the "Big Kid Swing" just chillin'

Here he is swinging with his friend L. He studied everything L did at the park today. At one point, L screamed as loud as he could. Doodlebug must have noticed because as soon as we got in the truck (and all afternoon) he has been screaming just like L. When he runs out of breath from screaming, he laughs about it :o)

Here is I enjoying the "Big Kid Swing" too! Oops, don't forget to wear your seat belt ;o)
PS~I changed my background to monkeys because yesterday, doodles was climbing like one. He was in his pack-n-play and placed one hand on the rail. Then reached and put the other hand up. He took a deep breath and pulled with all his might. He was able to get his head, chest, and most of his belly up off the bed. It won't be long before he's pulling himself all the way up. I'm amazed at how quickly they grow up!!!


  1. Sorry :) My bad influence of a child :) It's just a little sight for what is to come! We had fun!! OH and I LOVE the new blog background....makes me want to change mine again!

  2. Sorry I missed the park...glad you guys had fun. I can't believe J was in the big swing!