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Monday, March 23, 2009

Is this a sign of the times?

So, Saturday night, Hubby and I were going to sleep. It was around 11:00 or 11:30pm and I was just dosing off when Hubby jumps out of bed and peers out the window. I asked what he was doing and he said he has this weird feeling that someone is breaking into his car. I brushed it off and said go back to sleep. Instead, he went down stairs and got his computer bag with his laptop out of the car(thankfully) and then hid his Ipod, Radar Detector, and his Navigation in the center console. Then we went to bed.

This morning, Hubby gets in his car to drive to work. He reaches for the Ipod, Radar Detector and Navigation and doesn't feel it. He looks inside the console to discover its EMPTY! He then looks at the dashboard to see that all of the cable hook-ups for all 3 electronic devices are gone. The theives even took the phone charger! When you realize you've been robbed, it leaves such a sickening feeling inside. The electronics were not permanently attached to the car, so we can't turn it into insurance. We could go through home owners, but then we run risk of them dropping us or raising our rates. Plus, our deductible is $ is it worth it? No! Therefore, it's not even worth calling the cops. So, I guess these are smart theives, they steal just enough to where you won't do anything about it. It makes me nervous, because all the theives have to do is hit the garage door button and now they're in our house!

Oh, I forgot to mention the "icing on the cake"!!!!!! Hubby worked down in South Florida last week. As he was driving home on Thursday, he was pulled over by FHP. Most of you think speeding (not anymore since little doodlebug arrived). No, he was pulled over because his window tint was too dark! Seriously, I didn't even think you got pulled over for that. I thought that was just something cops use to "add-on" to a ticket when they pull you over for actually committing a crime. So his weekend started with a $101.00 ticket for dark window tint and ended with having his electronics stolen. What a weekend!!!!


  1. OH no that stinks... BIG TIME!!!!!! It does feel violating!

  2. That is horrible! I am so sorry...unbelievable! :(