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Monday, March 16, 2009

One of many "firsts" to come...

Well, J has been having many "firsts" lately. First rollover, first army crawl, first drink out of sippy cup (he's not that good at it), first time in the hot tub, and now he can add first time out on the boat!!!

Here the little doodlebug is getting driving lessons from Dad! Dad thought it was soooo cool to be teaching his son how to boat!

The life vest said it was for infants. It is the smallest one made that is legal for boating. It's a little big, but J loves playing with it.

After a long day of playing, J decided he needed a nap! Doesn't he just have the best life!


  1. Thank you for shareing this "First" with us. We both enjoyed it very much. Seeing that smile and hearing that laugh is priceless.

    Grandpa Pat & Grandma Brenda

  2. Kaitlyn looked the same in her life jacket- like some kind of child torture device!